This poem has been removed for maintenance
This poem is out on loan
This poem was broken by a carless listener
This poem was restored to its cultural home

This poem is almost certainly not
The actual poem you came here to find
The stanzas are smaller than you had imagined
And it doesn't seem finished or use all the lines

This sounds like a poem a monkey came up with
Your nephew writes better and he's only four
What happened to poems with meaningful pictures?
Why can’t a poem be just a poem,
Instead of always having to signify something more

And how do you know if a verbal blank canvas
Is even authentic or merely a fake?
They all sound the same, when it’s words on a page
And a cheap imitation’s quite easy to make

This poem is dusty
It’s got cracks and it’s short
It hardly seems worth all that queuing for hours
If it doesn’t sound anything like what you thought

Still, we do hope your visit doesn't feel wasted
There really is plenty more verse in my head
Though it might not make up for the one that was missing
Let this temporary poem stand here in its stead.